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Hope Chapel Academy has been involved with FIRST Robotics for 7 years! Here's a look at what's happened.


Our first year! We were one of 5 schools that made up the first Southern California robotic team. Called the Circuit Breakers students from Hope Chapel Academy, Redondo Union High school, Hawthorne High school, Mira Costa High School, and Torrance High School worked together to build a robot. The game we played was titled "Torrid Terror." Inner tubes were placed on an apparates resembling a large coat hanger.


All 5 schools seperated into seperate teams and we became "Beach Bot." "Ladder Logic" was the name of the game. In the middle of the field was a hexagonal cylinder with 3 ramps off its sides. Balls were to be placed on those ramps.


Beach Bot played in "Double Trouble." This was the first year that alliances were used. The point was to place floppies on a puck which was in the middle of the field.


In 2000, the game was called "Co-Operation FIRST." Four robots worked together to place balls on a goal and 1 robot could pull the goals and itself onto a teeter-totter.


"Diabolical Dynamics." This game consisted of 2 V-shaped baskets in which balls were placed and a bar inbetween them that robots could hang off of.


In "Zone Zeal" balls were to be placed in movable goals that were placed into scoring zones.


"Stack Attack" was played by human players stacking 4 boxes each in the beginning of the game. Then robots would plow into a stack of boxes on top of a ramp and try to push them into scoring zones and stack them. In the end the robots would get onto the ramp and try to block other robots from joining them.